Monday, May 4, 2015

Touring Puerto Vallarta - Las Caletas

Since we went to that horrible timeshare presentation, we received 30% off tours with Vallarta Adventures, which offers a 3-for-2 deal.  I was hesitant to book three tours, especially since the quoted price was something like $4400 pesos (it ended up being $285 or so USD for both of us for all three tours, not at all bad considering all we got) but we went for it.  No regrets.  They were all fantastic. 

The first tour was to Las Caletas, a private beach on the southern end of Banderas Bay.  We left from the Marina where the huge Norwegian Pearl cruise ship was in port.  (This and one other cruise ship were in port while we were there). We sailed for about an hour before we docked at the beach, and the sailings were rougher than I would have expected, being in a bay, but not too bad.


Along the way we passed Los Arcos, some rock formations along the southern end of the bay.

Apparently Las Caletas was the home of director John Huston, who directed The Night of the Iguana in Puerto Vallarta in the early 1960s.  There are some great stories of Puerto Vallarta in the 60's, the film, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and their long relationship with this city.  On a subsequent Hidden Mexico tour, we passed something that was associated with this film.  There was a "Night of the Iguana" sign, but it was faded and somewhat run down, as were many other things in this city. (Note this is not my picture, as we were whizzing by on a truck, but this is pretty much exactly how it looks today).

But not to digress, Las Caletas was a fun and amazing adventure.  There was hardly time for all there was to do there.

First up was a buffet lunch.  We had a table right on the edge of the beach.   The food was great, the service impeccable, and the view not bad.

After lunch we went kayaking and paddleboarding.  The water was a little rough, there was not a lot of area to paddle, and I had to constantly maneuver around a lot of other people, but at least I got to do it.

I rewarded myself with a margarita.

There were several places on different levels along the beach to hang in chairs or hammocks, while enjoying an open bar all day.

Later in the afternoon we attended a cooking demonstration, where we prepared guacamole, pico de gallo and salsa in molcajete bowls, then got to taste it all, washing it down with jack fruit margaritas.

They even had a little yoga session high on the hill at the end of the afternoon, before reluctantly getting back onto the boat for the ride back to port.  But the day was not over.  The entertainment on the way back added to the fun of the tour.

The staff of Vallarta Adventures are nothing short of amazing.  They work so hard between the boat, the food and drinks, the activities and the entertainment.  It was easy to give them a 5-star review on Trip Advisor.

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