Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Puerto Vallarta - Other Highlights

As I look back through the pictures and write my belated travel journal, I have to admit that the good outweighed the bad of Puerto Vallarta, which again makes me a little sad, because we've decided we will not return.  So I will enjoy these additional highlights.

The grounds of the resort were beautifully planted and spotlessly maintained, and the plants even had signage.

The "Boy on the Seahorse" is an icon of Puerto Vallarta.  It's smaller than I expected, but perhaps there is another larger one we didn't see, as my post trip research has revealed a fascinating story.

There was often some kind of fiesta or entertainment in progress, particularly on the Malecon.  I loved this local color.

In the nicest parts of downtown, the streets were lined with bougainvillea which looked particularly lovely against the often blue skies.

As part of the dreaded timeshare presentation rewards, I got a massage and facial, with this being the massage location and view.

We enjoyed two shows at the resort, a Thursday night fiesta that included great food, open bar of course and wonderful entertainment, and a Friday night fire show with amazing feats of acrobatics with fire.

There is no lack of people watching, an opportunity to really think about how other people travel and how other cultures reciprocate.

Adios, Puerto Vallarta, it was real!

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