Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bowling Ball #7

I'm pretty proud of bowling ball #7. 

 I've gotten better at creating specific designs, like the "om" symbol.  I found a simple clip art image online, adjusted the size in Photoshop, then printed it on paper, cut it out and traced it onto the ball using a Sharpie.  Before starting to apply the tiles, I laid them out onto the paper paper so I would know what needed to be cut.  I'm also getting a bit better at using silicone, although I still find it smelly and messy, and working on curved spaces. 

 I'm especially happy at having upcycled the auto safety glass found in the Coyote Creek parking lot. Note, the last two times we were there, there was a sheriff in the parking lot, which I guess is a good way to make sure no more auto glass gets scattered in the parking lot.

For now at least, I've decided to leave this ungrouted, although I may grout the "om" section.  I certainly will not grout the safety glass, as there are too many sharp edges and too many places where the silicone is up at the surface, which doesn't detract much from the appearance since it is clear.

This sits in my little zen meditation garden in the front courtyard.

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