Friday, December 20, 2013

The Scramble to Finish Tahoe

Once again facing one of those Groupon expiration date dilemmas...can I finish scrapping the summer pictures before my Groupon expires on the 25th??  I am thinking there is not enough energy in me, but I will go down trying.

A couple more pages from our bike ride on the day we left Tahoe.  It was a great ride, a wonderful path, beautiful scenery along the way, and just enough to be tired without being worn out.

Yes, Tahoe is that blue, and that green, and that clear and beautiful.  Don't tell anyone, in case I change my mind, but at this point I have decided to go on that Tahoe trip next year, as the lure of being able to see this every day for a week is too great to pass up.

Tahoe Biking 2 photo Tahoe-Bike-1_zpsfaf37cef.jpg

Tahoe Biking 1 photo Tahoe-Bike-2_zpse19a0939.jpg

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