Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Christmas Chalkboard

It might be hard for someone to understand, how much enjoyment I get out of this chalkboard.  I am not even sure I understand it.  But I can sit in front of this board and work on the lettering for hours.  The lettering designs are not original, I am not a good enough graphic artist to develop my own chalkboard lettering design.  But I google images, find something I like, take a picture, then get to work.

Looking back, it seems I haven't been keeping up the documentation of my chalkboard.  First it was a discarded cabinet door, transformed with chalk paint and a frame, back at the end of August.  It took a while to get the framing done, the gold frame a purchase from Scrap.

Plain chalkboard photo IMG_5128_zpsf2313a24.jpg

My first design was for Halloween. I like the mix of a little color on this design.

Halloween Chalkboard photo IMG_5149_zps1a44c589.jpg

Then for Thanksgiving I put the menu on it.  I like the top, but my lettering needs more work.

Thanksgiving Chalkboard photo IMG_5863_zps212c82d1.jpg 

And now, for Christmas...I absolutely LOVE how it came out and think I am getting a better hang of the lettering.

Christmas Chalkboard photo IMG_6027_zps62a9959e.jpg

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