Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge with Freebies

Another of the December challenges at Oscraps is to make a page with 8 free items that begin with the letters n the word FREEBIE.  That's pretty clever.
F- frame
R- red
E- word art with E in it
E- ellipse (can be a circle)
B- bling or box
I- image
E- effervescent (profusion of small bubbles- like glitter or paint!)
And here is my result, one of the pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge from the bike ride we did across the bridge.  Everything except the picture is available free at Oscraps.

 GGB Bike Ride Freebie photo GGB-Bike-Ride-Freebie_zps8319201d.jpg 

Background paper - Maya de Groot Prego [ link ], frame - Joann Brisbois & Crafty Button Designs Into the Woods, red is from Kitty's Miss You in the Morning [ link ] clipped on to Jopke's Carpe Diem [ link ] word art, circles are from Studio 68 Blooming Add on, box is from Studio 68 Border Madness sol Add on [ link ], image - my pic, glitter/paint is Studio 68 Paint Your Story [ link

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