Monday, December 9, 2013

Documenting December the 8th

Just documenting some additional December days here and there, as I am backlogged on books and scrapping from 2012 and the summer, but meanwhile there are some special things about December to capture, like the decorating of the dining room.
This year I decided to hang some ornaments from the chandelier, and found this perfect length of red beads to use, hanging 8 Mickey Mouse ornaments on the 8 arms of the chandelier on the 8th day of the month.

From Maya de Groot's Documenting December kits:
Art Journal Cards [ link ]
Miss Sophia (doilies) [ link ]
Zen & Nutcrackers [ link ] (Glitter alphas from Zen & Nutcrackers)
Santangles (ornaments) [ link ]
The Art of Journaling Templates 5 [ link ]

Anna Aspnes Warm Glows [ link ], ArtPlay Palette Retro Holiday [ link ]

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