Thursday, November 7, 2013

Summer Scrapping

The summer, even the Indian one, is coming to an end.  Before it fades too far away, I am finishing up a few pages of family summer trips.  I am determined to not lose another Shutterfly Groupon!

These are all done in 11x8 format to fit Shutterfly books, and are from our trip to the Giants game on August 10th.  I do so love that stadium, and it was a beautiful day for a game.  The Giants won the game 3-2, and in the recep:
In the eighth inning Saturday, Chris Davis connected for one of the fastest, fiercest home runs to clear the fences that anyone can remember at AT&T Park.

Giants Game 1 photo Giants-Game-1_zps4e81f249.jpg

This is the Willie Mays status in Willie Mays Plaza.  I've learned that the beautiful palm trees in front of the stadium are 24 in number for his retired jersey number.  I processed the photo with a coupe of iPhone apps to get an orange burnout vintage look.
Giants Game 2 photo Giants-Game-2_zps25e1233f.jpg

Fun with fonts in this page, using 'ranson' letters and a blown up newspaper font.  The background is also from pictures as it was a beautiful blue-sky day.
Giants Game 3 photo Giants-Game-3_zps7c041291.jpg

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