Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cork Wreath #3

On Saturday I stopped at Scrap while in San Francisco and picked up another little bag of corks, just in case I was about to run out.  Then on Sunday I embarked on, and finished, cork wreath #3.

I LOVE making these wreaths.  There is such a nice balance between regularity and organic, and the upcycle value is priceless.

As with #2, I started by wrapping the wreath form (which unfortunately I had to purchase retail, although I did have a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's) in strips of burlap from the old Mountain View recycling bag.

I devised this formula which I really like, which is to use plastic corks on the inside circle, to build out and give some regularity, then champagne corks as a nice and regular ledge on which to build.  On the outside edge I use corks with some nice end color.  Just for fun, I counted up this formula, and found it takes:
- 33 plastic corks on the inside edge
- 26 champagne corks
- 62 corks on the outside edge

 Wreath #3 WIP 2 photo IMG_5630_zpsa15e93b1.jpg

 Then I start building out, trying to be a little irregular.  Another set of plain corks serve to add some depth underneath...22 corks in this case.

 Wreath #3 WIP 3 photo IMG_5632_zpsea90246f.jpg

Finally, another 150 or so corks added to the top completes the wreath.  Oh and, only one minor burn from the glue gun.

Completed Wreath #3 photo IMG_5633_zps2748c377.jpg 

This one is destined as a Christmas gift, I do hope the recipients like it.

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