Sunday, October 13, 2013

Candle Recycle

When I cleaned out those Yankee Candle jars to make the faux mercury glass, I threw away the bits of wax left inside.  This didn't feel right to me, so I researched how to save and reuse the wax.  It's the same process of melting the wax in a pot of hot water, but instead of just waiting for it to get soft and dumping it in the trash, you let it melt completely (it doesn't take as long as one would think, and it doesn't have to be super can almost handle the jars by hand, although I used pot holders to be safe) and pour it into a new jar in which a new wick has been placed.

I had to go to two stores to find wicks, as JoAnns doesn't carry candle-making supplies, but Michael's does, and I was able to get pre-waxed, pre-mounted wicks in a package for less than $2 once I applied my 40% off coupon.  The pre-waxed wicks are pretty stiff, but I used this popsicle stick contraption to make sure it didn't sink as it got soft from the added hot wax.

Candle Recycle photo IMG_5497_zps390603f7.jpg

The smell in the kitchen was just divine, although it might have been overpowering if it had not been a warm day with all the windows and doors open. It amazed me how much wax I was able to get out of just unburnable remnants.  I practically filled this medium-sized Yankee Candle jar, which means I got a $20 candle for about 40 cents.  It looks much prettier in person.  It's hard to take a picture of faux mercury glass.  And I am not sure how much scent the candle will throw.  Although the wax was unburned and very scented, I feel like a lot of it may have filled the kitchen.  We'll see.  But even if it just looks pretty, it was worth it!

Candle Recycle photo IMG_5498_zpsd0e3f520.jpg

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