Friday, September 20, 2013

September Sunsets

It was during the last heat wave that we got these spectacular sunsets.

Templates are called 'StoryTells' from Jen Maddocks.  It was after I used this one that I actually read the description.

I take a lot of photos especially when we go on hikes or family day trips. When I look at them to scrap most of the time there are one or two I’d like to highlight in their own layout but the rest I’d like to just get all on a page so I can look at them all. That is the concept behind storytellers. They are photo driven, photo focused templates meant to get as many photos on to a layout and still have a clean look. I’ve designed these with interesting photo masks so all you have to do is clip in your photos. There are a few elements in these templates so if you want to just go simple then plug in your photos and you are done but I’ve left them fairly open so if you want to add your own personality to them there’s lots of play to do that as well. I hope this make your scrapping easier! 

This is so true of my scrapping, so now I have a new set of go-to templates!

  Sunset 1 photo Sunset-1_zps73270abe.jpg Sunset 2 photo Sunset-2_zpsa8f98285.jpg

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