Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally the Heel

This is a free sock pattern, and I am no sock-knitting expert, so I was not too surprised to get stuck.  But after finally getting the cuff correct on the 4th try, I thought I was home free on this sock, then came the heel flap.

I was following the pattern ok, but it just wasn't looking right.  I consulted you-tube on slip stitches to make sure I was doing it right and tried both slipping knit-wise and slipping purl-wise, but it still did not look right.  So I un-knit.  And tried again.  And even tried it with some scrap yarn.  Finally I decided I would just go with it even though it didn't look right. 

And it turns out it was right, I just wasn't looking at it from the right angle.

Lesson in crafty persistence!

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