Friday, September 6, 2013

Altered Portrait Challenge

For Maya de Groot's spotlight challenge, which coincides with her 21st birthday, she has asked participants to make an altered portrait.  I've been thinking about this, but nothing was coming to me.  It's is hard to be creative when there are non-creative things going on.

But then I looked at Maya's Pinterest inspiration board, and saw this.

Girl with Pearl Buttons photo GirlwPealrButtons_zps32c775be.jpg

And my subject was not only decided, but this helps me to scrap those pictures from Mother's Day. Using mostly Maya's kits, including her new Zen and the Art of Flying Machines, this is my result.   I used an actual picture taken in front of the museum, and just supplemented it with digital buttons.  I found this awesome script which counts layers...there are 195 layers here.

Girl with Pearl Portrait photo Girl-with-Pearl-Self_zps48ee0c4e.jpg 

The companion page tells the story. Girl with Pearl Spread photo Girl-With-Pearl-Spread_zps21ea665c.jpg

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