Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Verona Park

We were blessed with really nice weather for our trip to NJ to visit mom.  The first morning, after sleeping in an old lumpy (but free!) bed, I awoke with a terrible headache.  I needed fresh air, and an Alleve, fast.  So I headed down to Verona Park, just a short couple of blocks down the hill, and was able to forget my headache in no time, or maybe it was the Alleve kicking in.

The park was full of people, walking, running, pushing strollers, riding scooters and bikes, enjoying some morning exercise.  And with the relatively cool air and low humidity, the sky was blue, the pond and stream were sparkly, and some lovely pond flowers were blooming.

This page is made with Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz Album template.  I love these templates with a large blended photo and a bunch of framed photos, perfect for situations like this where you want to scrap a bunch of photos.

With each visit I have noticed and remarked on the beautiful signage that abounds in this area of NJ.  A very similar sign graces Branch Brook Park.  The signs look amazingly new and shine beautifully with gold leafing inside the nice lettering.  I have since learned that these hand-carved signs are made by a friend of the family close to Robert David Jewelers.  I must visit on one of the trips and commend this beautiful work.

Verona Park 1 photo Verona-Park-1_zpsff85f1a4.jpg

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