Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the Cable Car

Yikes, it's been too long since I made progress on the Natster's photo book!  But here is one more page, from that early morning when we rode the cable car...we should have gotten an all-day pass, but who knew we would be at the Powell & Hyde terminus at 7 am!  I love how she was proudly wearing her new California sweatshirt.

Cable Car Ride 2 photo Cable-Car-Ride-2_zps3926c6ef.jpg

And then we got to Union Square, way too early for anything to be open, but it was a pretty day. It wasn't long before the sweatshirt came off, although note I am still wearing a jacket.
There used to be a lot more of these hearts in Union Square and elsewhere in San Francisco, I am not sure where they all are now.

Union Square photo Union-Square_zps3ecd784b.jpg

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