Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mosaic Bowling Ball Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Well, I didn't really sign it, although I do think that's a good idea.  I always meant to put some initials or some signature n the great mosaic wall.  Perhaps I should do that some day.  I can do it on one of the side panels.

But anyway,  the mosaic bowling ball is sealed and delivered the 30 feet from the "craft garage" to the front courtyard garden, where it is sitting comfortably on a clay pot amongst the plants and other garden elements.

BB Garden 1 photo IMG_4768_zps88182121.jpg BB Garden 2 photo IMG_4769_zpsd8240db2.jpg BB Garden 3 photo IMG_4771_zps62391861.jpg 

And here are a couple of Instagram shots of it in its new home. I LOVE it! BB Instagram 2 photo IMG_4772_zpsa01d6927.jpg BB Instagram 1 photo IMG_4773_zpsa0281e08.jpg

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