Friday, August 9, 2013

Jen Maddocks Let's Ride

It was like we coordinated.  I've been working on the Angel Island pictures, and really wanted to scrap the bike ride pictures, even though they are not the best quality. It's not easy taking pictures while riding a crappy bike.  Not to be too disparaging to the Angel Island bike company, but we waited until after lunch to rent the bikes, and they were down to slim pickings.  My bike only had 3 gears, and I think only 1 of them worked.

Anyway, new kit from Jan Maddocks called "Let's Ride".

Jen Maddocks Lets Ride Papers photo folder_jmadd_letsridepp_zpse07216f6.jpg

 First were these pictures as we started up the unexpected dirt trail to get up the hill to the ridge road.   I might have been stationary at this point, and remember regretting not getting a helmet.

Angel Island BIking 1 photo Angel-Island-Biking-1_zps8fbe5d1f.jpg 

 And a blurry photo, but one I love... Angel Island BIking 2 photo Angel-Island-Biking-2_zps123f29f3.jpg

And a third. It's a little hard to see the bikes in this pictures but a nice picture even if we weren't biking.
 Angel Island Biking 3 photo Angel-Island-Biking-3_zps5f5cecbd.jpg

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