Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chinatown Walking Tour

I don't know for sure about anyone else, but I loved the walking tour of Chinatown.  Armed with a little bit of information about the history and architecture of what I am seeing and photographing makes it all the more interesting.

I even managed to save the walking tour print out and am able to use it to annotate these pages of Chinatown.

I know The Nat enjoyed going through the shops and buying things for her family, like new rice bowls and chopsticks.  I hope they all made it home safely.
Chinatown 1 photo Chinatown-1_zps70f6da28.jpg Chinatown 2 photo Chinatown-2_zps2327c331.jpg

Chinatown 3 photo Chinatown-3_zps6a2ec6cd.jpg Chinatown 4 photo Chinatown-4_zps5df7112f.jpg

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