Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Challenges, the Multi-Designer

The multi-designer challenge at Oscraps is the one I sponsor.  Last month someone suggested there should be a subject or theme to make this challenge more focused, and so I chose 'collections' or 'collecting' as the theme.

Someone also asked me how many gnomes I have, and I did not know the answer.  So I went around the house and yard and took pictures of them all, and created this multi-designer collection page.

I started with my gnome art cards, which is now hanging on the gallery wall in the great room, then moved to the hall, bar and family room, then outside, where the bulk of the collection lives.  I finished up with Cedric the traveling gnome, who often comes along but seldom gets photographed in his travels.

The template is an 'inchies' template from Maya de Groot, papers and elements from Anna Aspnes, alphas from Boutique Cute Doll and Vicki Stegall, and elements from Paula Kesselring and Studio 68.

I no sooner finished the page, that I looked up and saw gnome # 41, so I guess that will be the subject of another page some time.
Gnomes August Multi photo Gnomes-Multi-August_zpsbf33697e.jpg

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