Saturday, August 31, 2013


What's a "GSO"?  A Gallery Stand Out, a page chosen by the Finger Pointing group as a standout page.

Yesterday my Chinatown page was chosen, and I am so pleased.

Chinatown 4 photo Chinatown-4_zps5df7112f.jpg

Friday, August 30, 2013

Golden Hour

Made with Fall Beside Me bundle by Jen Maddocks.  I enjoy catching the golden hour on the hills, when they glow this incredible golden orange, and the sun on some windows shines like a beacon in the warm late afternoon.  It might be a signal that fall is coming, but for now, I am holding on to the warmth.

Golden Hour photo Golden-Hour_zps261323d7.jpg

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chinatown Walking Tour

I don't know for sure about anyone else, but I loved the walking tour of Chinatown.  Armed with a little bit of information about the history and architecture of what I am seeing and photographing makes it all the more interesting.

I even managed to save the walking tour print out and am able to use it to annotate these pages of Chinatown.

I know The Nat enjoyed going through the shops and buying things for her family, like new rice bowls and chopsticks.  I hope they all made it home safely.
Chinatown 1 photo Chinatown-1_zps70f6da28.jpg Chinatown 2 photo Chinatown-2_zps2327c331.jpg

Chinatown 3 photo Chinatown-3_zps6a2ec6cd.jpg Chinatown 4 photo Chinatown-4_zps5df7112f.jpg

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the Cable Car

Yikes, it's been too long since I made progress on the Natster's photo book!  But here is one more page, from that early morning when we rode the cable car...we should have gotten an all-day pass, but who knew we would be at the Powell & Hyde terminus at 7 am!  I love how she was proudly wearing her new California sweatshirt.

Cable Car Ride 2 photo Cable-Car-Ride-2_zps3926c6ef.jpg

And then we got to Union Square, way too early for anything to be open, but it was a pretty day. It wasn't long before the sweatshirt came off, although note I am still wearing a jacket.
There used to be a lot more of these hearts in Union Square and elsewhere in San Francisco, I am not sure where they all are now.

Union Square photo Union-Square_zps3ecd784b.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fresh Paint

The very act of holding a brush or the roller, opening the can, dipping into the paint, rolling it out... Is almost like rolling away my troubles, relaxing my mind and my spirit as I focus on long smooth strokes and perfect coverage.

There is something so primally satisfying about something freshly coated with paint.

Chalkboard in progress... 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Organizing the scraps

I'm not happy with my scrapbooks from 2012 and into 2013.  I have some spillover of 2012 pages into a 2013 book and its bugging me.  This problem somewhat comes from printing too much and keeping too much.  In 2012 I printed each of my photos of the day, and I scrapped weekly pages which are in a book, and I made additional pages, and on top of that I have ephemera.

One of the dilemmas is, where to put pages with vintage photos, chronologically when I did them?  While that makes sense from an artistic progression perspective, there is just too much in the 2012 book, so I think 'vintage' will get it's own section in another book.

So I started reorganizing, and it's a bit of a mess.  Pages must be shifted, glue and staples are involved, and every flat surface in the vicinity of my desk is covered with pictures and ephemera.  Digiscrapping seems easier, but the pages must get printed and organized, else the point is lost.  No one is going to look at your hard drives.

Thus I am dealing with the mess, but at the same time reliving memories.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let's Go for a Ride

I took this picture a few weeks ago, when I was riding my bike around the block and the setting sunwas behind me, casting a long shadow.  The picture in the lower right was processed with the Photo Effects app, but wanted to scrap it as well.  This week's AnnaLift, with an Andy Warhol style, was the perfect opportunity.  Cosmic overlays and a variety of blending modes achieve the different effect in each photo.
Word art from Jen Maddocks Let's Ride bundle.

AnnaLift Bike Ride photo AnnaLift-Bike_zps83ffc6d9.jpg

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 34

In which we put up the next whirligig, I made French toast for breakfast, I looked out the window a lot, I went to pilates for the first time in a long time, I bought two adorable little blue and yellow spode vases, and we went to the Italian American Festa in San Jose, where I met SJ Sharkie.

 Week 34 photo Week-34_zps42ef1ae8.jpg

Friday, August 23, 2013

Natalie's Trip - The Haight

This page was made for the Oscraps blog feature, 1 Kit 5 Ways.  The kit is Nevermind by Studio 68.  The picture is of the Natster, the scene, Ben & Jerry's in the Haight.  Despite how it looks, she was having a good time, although it had been quite a long day already.

Since this is San Francisco, it was perfect that there is big flower in the kit, because...if you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair.

Haight-Ashbury Nat photo Haight-Ashbury_zps4d950c7d.jpg

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Verona Park in Purple

I made this for the September color challenge at Oscraps, in which I was to use various shades of purple, but then it turned out this challenge will not be until October, and I can't keep a layout that long, so here it is.

Once again, Verona Park, right down the street, really was a lovely place with the pond, the stone bridges, those purple flowers blooming along the banks of the pond, and plenty of people getting fresh air and exercise, something which I treasure, and even more so these days.

Verona Park 2 photo Verona-Park-2_zps71d3fcf2.jpg

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Barbary Coast Trail

I've never actually officially followed the Barbary Coast Trail in San Francisco, but in one way or another have probably done most of it.  I do love these signs.
From the days of the Gold Rush and the Barbary Coast, to the 1906 earthquake and the Beat renaissance, San Francisco’s history is rich with dynamic events and storied characters. The Barbary Coast Trail® is a San Francisco walking tour that connects the City’s most important historic sites, drawing you into a world of gold seekers and railroad barons, writers and visionaries, shanghiers and silver kings.

A series of bronze medallions and arrows embedded in the sidewalk connect the Barbary Coast Trail’s historic sites. Along a 3.8-mile path (mostly flat or gently sloping), the trail weaves its way through Downtown, Union Square, Chinatown, Portsmouth Square, Jackson Square Historic District, Old Barbary Coast, Beat San Francisco, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower, Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco Martime Historical National Park, Ghirardelli Square and Nob Hill.
We pretty much covered all this territory when The Nat visited in June.  Scrapped with Social Scrap and Teen Talk by Maya de Groot.  The pictures in the background of the Transamerica Tower and Union Square were taken on the morning we took the cable car ride, before the fog had burned off.
Barbary Coast photo Barbary-Coast-Feet_zps99efae6d.jpg

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Verona Park

We were blessed with really nice weather for our trip to NJ to visit mom.  The first morning, after sleeping in an old lumpy (but free!) bed, I awoke with a terrible headache.  I needed fresh air, and an Alleve, fast.  So I headed down to Verona Park, just a short couple of blocks down the hill, and was able to forget my headache in no time, or maybe it was the Alleve kicking in.

The park was full of people, walking, running, pushing strollers, riding scooters and bikes, enjoying some morning exercise.  And with the relatively cool air and low humidity, the sky was blue, the pond and stream were sparkly, and some lovely pond flowers were blooming.

This page is made with Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz Album template.  I love these templates with a large blended photo and a bunch of framed photos, perfect for situations like this where you want to scrap a bunch of photos.

With each visit I have noticed and remarked on the beautiful signage that abounds in this area of NJ.  A very similar sign graces Branch Brook Park.  The signs look amazingly new and shine beautifully with gold leafing inside the nice lettering.  I have since learned that these hand-carved signs are made by a friend of the family close to Robert David Jewelers.  I must visit on one of the trips and commend this beautiful work.

Verona Park 1 photo Verona-Park-1_zpsff85f1a4.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Another SUP Page

I probably didn't need another SUP page, but Maya de Groot's newest monthly journaling kit, Miss Jodi, was good for another SUP page, with its surfing elements and blue colors.  Plus I have been thinking back to this peaceful time on the water, and thinking maybe I need to do this again before the summer fades.

I am also feeling the need to escape, and what better way!

Tahoe 6 SUP photo Tahoe-6-SUP_zps65d5020a.jpg

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 33

Which was mostly spent in NJ, I started knitting another pair of socks, I spent a lot of time in Verona Park in the mornings, I visited dad's grave, and found gnomes in Verona.

Week 33 photo Week-33_zpsff684f17.jpg

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Traveling Sock Craft

We are off to NJ, and I wanted something crafty to bring along for the long plane ride as well as when sitting around.

So I started a new pair of socks from Ms AC's Big Book of Socks and #5 DPNs.

Starting New Socks photo IMG_4849_zps624c4cff.jpg

After a day on the plane, they are progressing.  I think this yarn is too thick for socks, but it kept me busy.  And it cost nothing, since this is ancient yarn bought from Leewards in 1988.
 New Sock Progress photo IMG_4865_zps39937264.jpg

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 32

In which I cleaned out a box of fabric and started a rag rug, played golf, met a cute fuzzy bunny on the 6th hole, and went to see the Giants play the Orioles.

Week 32 photo Week-32_zps5b1ebc67.jpg

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Natalie's Trip - the Golden Gate Bridge

As we left the pier and wharf area, I meant to stop on the south side of the bridge, but was in the wrong lane and missed the exit.  Probably for the best, since the views were better on the north side.

GGB photo GGB_zps3c5f62bc.jpg

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Natalie's Trip - Pier 39

Now filling in the scrapping chronologically, after Lombard Street it was Pier 39, where it was so fresh and clear early in the morning, with lovely and peaceful sights off the back.  These are pretty quickly done with Anna Aspnes Month in Review templates.

Pier 39 1 photo Pier-39_zpscd677d18.jpg

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jen Maddocks Let's Ride

It was like we coordinated.  I've been working on the Angel Island pictures, and really wanted to scrap the bike ride pictures, even though they are not the best quality. It's not easy taking pictures while riding a crappy bike.  Not to be too disparaging to the Angel Island bike company, but we waited until after lunch to rent the bikes, and they were down to slim pickings.  My bike only had 3 gears, and I think only 1 of them worked.

Anyway, new kit from Jan Maddocks called "Let's Ride".

Jen Maddocks Lets Ride Papers photo folder_jmadd_letsridepp_zpse07216f6.jpg

 First were these pictures as we started up the unexpected dirt trail to get up the hill to the ridge road.   I might have been stationary at this point, and remember regretting not getting a helmet.

Angel Island BIking 1 photo Angel-Island-Biking-1_zps8fbe5d1f.jpg 

 And a blurry photo, but one I love... Angel Island BIking 2 photo Angel-Island-Biking-2_zps123f29f3.jpg

And a third. It's a little hard to see the bikes in this pictures but a nice picture even if we weren't biking.
 Angel Island Biking 3 photo Angel-Island-Biking-3_zps5f5cecbd.jpg

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Lombard

I really must finish up the Nat's trip pictures.  Anna Aspnes' month review templates are really nice for setting the mood with a large blended photo, then adding a bunch more, without it looking too cluttered or busy.

Well, perhaps this is busy, but I like it that way.  Papers and additional elements from ArtPlay Palette Lush and Forever Joy's Hydrangea.

Lombard 2 photo Lombard-2_zps943bde59.jpg

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Challenges - Color

I used all three photos that I took on the edge of the beach at Lake Tahoe, when we first arrived and I was contemplating when I would go SUPing.  I liked the way the colorful kayaks looked all lined up on the beach.

This is for the August color challenge at Oscraps.

Tahoe 5 Aug Color photo Tahoe-5-Color_zps90a7c00c.jpg

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beary Gets a Facelift

Beary came from Colorado, I believe it was in 2004.  I didn't go on that trip to Pagosa, which means I got a present.  So Beary would be about 9 years old now.  Its been quite a while though, that his eyes were cracked and cloudy, and his fur looking a bit dull.  (I think he might have already been painted in this picture, but these are his old eyes).

Beary Before photo BearyBefore_zpsb2e673d6.jpg 

So Mr AC gave him a coat of varnish and a new pair of eyes and I painted his nose. He is looking much brighter now, although he does have a bit of a 'deer in the headlights' look. 

Beary After photo BearyAfter_zps1a05b19f.jpg 

And another view of his fresh face. Still need to freshen his lips.
Beary Instagram photo IMG_4766_zps4a0cc4de.jpg

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 31

In which I finished the mosaic bowling ball project, we gave Beary a facelift, and we visited the Mosaic Stairs in Golden Gate Heights in San Francisco

 Week 31 photo Week-31_zps3ea01749.jpg

The stairs were awesome and beautiful.  But unexpected was the additional climb up to Grand View Park, with sweeping views of the entire city.  It was beautiful!

Week 31 Mosaic Stairs photo Week-31-Mosaic-Stairs_zpsd34b339c.jpg

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's Next - Craft, Purge or Both?

I cleaned up all the mosaic supplies from the bowling ball project.  So what's next?

I started opening the doors in the "crafty garage" cabinets and pulled out a large box.  It is full of fabric scraps.  Years worth of fabric scraps.  I am such a hoarder, I could never throw these away.  Until now.

Box of Scraps photo IMG_4800_zps451c7c84.jpg 

I am determined to not move these boxes again. I think the only way to tackle them is one at a time, doing what needs to be done. And so I spent the evening in front of a Harry Potter movie (Deathly Hallows Part 2) sorting through the scraps. The really small ones went into the garbage. The garbage bin is fairly full. The reasonably sized ones went into a stack. I can try to sell them or give them away. The strips are being set aside for another braided rug. Yes, I have 3 in the house already, but it's such a good use for fabric strips, like the leftovers from bindings and even selvedges, and I do love these rugs.

 New Braided Rug photo IMG_4799_zps9545a6fe.jpg

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mosaic Bowling Ball Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Well, I didn't really sign it, although I do think that's a good idea.  I always meant to put some initials or some signature n the great mosaic wall.  Perhaps I should do that some day.  I can do it on one of the side panels.

But anyway,  the mosaic bowling ball is sealed and delivered the 30 feet from the "craft garage" to the front courtyard garden, where it is sitting comfortably on a clay pot amongst the plants and other garden elements.

BB Garden 1 photo IMG_4768_zps88182121.jpg BB Garden 2 photo IMG_4769_zpsd8240db2.jpg BB Garden 3 photo IMG_4771_zps62391861.jpg 

And here are a couple of Instagram shots of it in its new home. I LOVE it! BB Instagram 2 photo IMG_4772_zpsa01d6927.jpg BB Instagram 1 photo IMG_4773_zpsa0281e08.jpg

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Challenges - Lyrics

The August lyrics challenge at Oscraps features lyrics from Wicked.  I haven't seen this play, seems it is very popular and well loved.  But I can't seem to get over the fact that I read and did not like this book, at all.  Perhaps it needs music to make it better.  Anyway, there was one particular line that grabbed me.

Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.

Photo taken on Angel Island on Father's Day, June 16, 2013.

 Angel Island Us photo Angel-Island-Us_zps45d2a23b.jpg

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Challenges, the Multi-Designer

The multi-designer challenge at Oscraps is the one I sponsor.  Last month someone suggested there should be a subject or theme to make this challenge more focused, and so I chose 'collections' or 'collecting' as the theme.

Someone also asked me how many gnomes I have, and I did not know the answer.  So I went around the house and yard and took pictures of them all, and created this multi-designer collection page.

I started with my gnome art cards, which is now hanging on the gallery wall in the great room, then moved to the hall, bar and family room, then outside, where the bulk of the collection lives.  I finished up with Cedric the traveling gnome, who often comes along but seldom gets photographed in his travels.

The template is an 'inchies' template from Maya de Groot, papers and elements from Anna Aspnes, alphas from Boutique Cute Doll and Vicki Stegall, and elements from Paula Kesselring and Studio 68.

I no sooner finished the page, that I looked up and saw gnome # 41, so I guess that will be the subject of another page some time.
Gnomes August Multi photo Gnomes-Multi-August_zpsbf33697e.jpg