Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 27 and Independence Day

In which we celebrated the Fourth of July and powered through the longest heat wave we have ever experienced.  It was so hot, I had to put umbrellas up in the front yard to protect the hydrangeas and I bought myself a cap and goggles so I could go swimming.

Week 27 photo Week-27_zpse651417a.jpg 

I've decided that weeklies are not always enough to tell the stories in some weeks. So from time to time I will add some pages to the yearbook to tell some additional special stories, because they may be lost of they are not told. That somewhat makes my Project 365 something different, perhaps more like Project Life, but it's my project and I can change it if I like. 

So, here are two additional pages I did with just a bunch of somewhat candid shots I took at our Independence Day celebration. I managed to not get into any of these picture,s but that's OK, because all my favorite people are in the pictures. 
 Fourth Left photo Fourth-Left_zps922d5843.jpg Fourth Right photo Fourth-Right_zps5e64d4fe.jpg

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