Monday, July 22, 2013

The Monogram

When we were on Edisto Island back in May, one of the things I marveled at was the houses, the properties, the decor.  I really like nautical decor, obviously fitting on an island.  There were many huge and beautiful houses, and others not so huge, but clearly well-maintained and personalized with signage, house names and yard art.  Somewhere along the way, I noticed someone had a shell monogram hanging in front of their house, and a project idea was born.

I brought back a bag of shells, so the basic material was in hand.  I drudged up a discarded cabinet door and attempted a faux bois driftwood effect.  It may not look as aged as driftwood, but I like it.

Fois Bois photo IMG_4582_zps38e9d9ab.jpg

I tried finding some discarded rope, but in the interest of time, went into a marine supply store in Lake Tahoe and picked up 10 feet of rope, and auditioned the monogram with the rope and a few clusters of shells in the corners.

Shell Monogram photo IMG_4651_zpsa365297a.jpg

And yesterday the project was completed and hung on the back fence with some found S-hooks and left-over lamp wire.

Shell Monogram 2 photo IMG_4700_zpsd57f7672.jpg

 photo IMG_4703_zps5c05d45c.jpg

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