Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Faux Bois Project

Once upon a time there were five old cabinet doors, rescued from the curb (we won't say garbage, as curb sounds more civilized).  They were wood, at least laminate wood, and therefore bound to be useful for a project someday.

The five doors did their time in a garage in Cupertino, and when it came time to move, they were loaded onto the moving truck accompanied by shakes of the head from a certain Mr AC.

Then they did their time in a garage in San Jose.  Finally, their time has come, at least for one of them.
For the first door is the subject of a faux bois project whose true identify will be revealed in time, but for now, the story of the faux bois.

Faux bois means fake wood in French.  I discovered it when researching how to create a faux driftwood effect.

After sanding and priming, I started with a coat of gray chalk paint .  One coat seemed enough since I am going for an aged look.  Then I mixed a little clear glaze with water, gray chalk paint, and a little white primer to lighten the color, rolled it on, then hit it with this magic tool, and voila!

This was so quick and easy, it actually took me longer to mix the paint and clean up the tools than it did to swipe down this board about five times with the tool.

Next step, shopping for a piece of marine rope.

Fois Bois Tool photo IMG_4600_zpsc466a1ba.jpg Fois Bois photo IMG_4582_zps38e9d9ab.jpg

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