Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red Vic, White Chalk, Blue Something

I am fascinated with the current chalk and chalkboard trend. There is chalkboard paint, which I must try, chalkboard fonts and chalkboard brushes for Photoshop. And for July we are running a chalkboard challenge at Oscraps.  There were a ton of chalky products available to use, most here are from Studio 68.

This picture was from May, when Mr AC & I went up to San Francisco to bring the Victorinox suitcase for repair, and stopped at Ms AC's apartment for something (while she was in NY), and I had to stop downstairs for a pic.  I like these signboard picture opportunities.

 Red Vic Chalk photo Red-Vic-Chalk_zps37c10515.jpg 

Later that same day we had another signboard opportunity, outside a Magic Shop next to Park Chow on Ninth Ave at the south exit of Golden Gate Park, where we stopped for a quick visit to the Girl with a Pearl Earring and a quick visit to see the butterflies at the Conservatory of Flowers.   It was a little difficult to get a self-portrait, but still this is fun. 

"Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."

Magic Shop photo AFMay052_zps4d5a0f80.jpg

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