Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bowling Ball Phase 1 Complete

I was going to wait until it was completely complete, but I am excited that at least Phase 1 of the blowing ball project is complete.  And I don't want to wait another week to show it off.

On Day 1 I accomplished  a swirl pattern at the top, from blue, red and yellow mirror and vitreous glass.  On day 2 I added a circle of blue mirror glass, surrounded by silver Van Gogh tiles both square and cut into triangles, then added cut rectangles of red vitreous glass.
 BB Day 1 photo IMG_4711_zps157dd8c8.jpg BB Day 2 photo IMG_4714_zpsa45691cf.jpg BB Day 2 photo IMG_4716_zps67d7e2b9.jpg

On day 3 I added variety and got quite random, with more silver Van Gogh glass, gold mirror glass, orange-red ceramic gems, gold ceramic glitter minis, butterscotch ceramic minis, and more light blue vitreous providing some separation.
 BB Day 3 photo IMG_4720_zpsad710765.jpg BB Day 3 photo IMG_4721_zps6c0af620.jpg BB Day 3 photo IMG_4722_zpsfcfb8d02.jpg

Day 4 went back to the dark blue vitreous glass, and added some small light blue  and pearly white ceramic tiles, then some green mirror glass.
It is a challenge working on a round surface.  For one thing, you can't do too much at once, and the mortar must be thick so the pieces don't slide. 

BB Day 4 photo IMG_4731_zps2d034e5f.jpg BB Day 4 photo IMG_4732_zps0da8f175.jpg

Typically, I missed a couple of days of progress photos. One reason is that when the tiling is finished for the day, the tiles are still pretty messily covered in mortar. Then when I return to clean them up, I forget to take a picture. Anyway, on day 7 the tiling was completed.  It's pretty randomly abstract, although I attempted some design and color lines.  It will certainly look different from all angles, and I hope reflect nicely with all the mirror glass.

 Bowling Ball 1 photo IMG_4743_zpsa3b7ec5b.jpg Bowling Ball 2 photo IMG_4744_zps50952836.jpg Bowling Ball 3 photo IMG_4745_zpscc6f1035.jpg Bowling Ball 4 photo IMG_4746_zpse8432e06.jpg 

Next step is to clean up the mortar thoroughly and then begin grouting. I am going to use the same gray grout I used on the great wall of china.

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