Friday, July 19, 2013

Another SUP Shot

I can't help it, I loved SUPing, and I love these photos, and by blending them like this I hope to convey the absolute peace and quiet which was the fealing of SUPing on Lake Tahoe at 8 am on a Sunday morning in the summer.   It was tranquility defined.

This also represents some new learning, blending using the gradient tool.  I somewhat remember this  from my Jessica Sprague lessons long ago, but have never really used it.  The simple idea is to  place the photo onto an artsy background page, then use the gradient mode 'foreground to transparent' to quickly and easily blend the photo into the background.  I'm not sure yet of the effects of angles and lengths of the gradients, nor how to effectively pile them up, but that's what practice is about.

 photo Tahoe-4_zpse332733b.jpg 
Credits - Anna Aspnes Blendz Lesson

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