Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Nat Scrapbook Project

When preparing for The Nat's visit, I asked if she still liked scrapbooking, and was told "yes".  So I planned a visit to Memories Live On in Cupertino, where I knew we could get some special California-themed items.

Early in the visit, I shared several of the scrapbooks I had done, to show her both traditional and digital style.  Then on Sunday, as we had a little waiting time, we started the project by all downloading the Walgreens app and uploading our pictures from San Francisco, to be printed within an hour.

As an aside, I have to say I was reasonably impressed with the ease and speed of this app.  We were indeed able to pick up our pictures within a few hours, and the quality was good.

When we got home, I pulled out everything I own, which is a lot, and too much!  Paper, glitters, embellishments, glues, page protectors.  Thus began a several-day frenzy of scrapbooking.   I showed The Nat various things about mats, glitters, brads, embossing, stamping, but she took it from there with a creatiuve intensoty that was incredible.

The result was 27 pages of fabulous scraps!  Her organization and design sense was very good, and I have never seen her focus so intently on something.  I am very proud of 12-year-old Nat and her scrapbook, and feel privileged to have been a part of it!

I wish I had gotten better pictures, but at least they give a sense of this accomplishment.

Nat Scrap 1 photo IMG_4363_zpsac8a322e.jpg Nat Scrap 2 photo IMG_4365_zps2b0d3aaa.jpg Nat Scrap 3 photo IMG_4366_zpsd8031494.jpg Nat Scrap 4 photo IMG_4367_zps901a9a35.jpg Nat Scrap 5 photo IMG_4368_zps28fce0d9.jpg Nat Scrap 6 photo IMG_4369_zps6746f4d6.jpg Nat Scrap 7 photo IMG_4370_zpsf3d071de.jpg Nat Scrap 8 photo IMG_4371_zps3a43fc50.jpg Nat Scrap 9 photo IMG_4372_zps28317cfd.jpg Nat Scrap 10 photo IMG_4373_zpsf43ef16b.jpg Nat Scrap 11 photo IMG_4374_zpsa78adc45.jpg Nat Scrap 12 photo IMG_4375_zpsde4def27.jpg Nat Scrap 13 photo IMG_4376_zps960a913e.jpg Nat Scrap 14 photo IMG_4377_zps062e4cb1.jpg Nat Scrap 15 photo IMG_4378_zps393e1f02.jpg Nat Scrap 16 photo IMG_4379_zps9ea3f98f.jpg Nat Scrap 17 photo IMG_4380_zpse53d3c7b.jpg Nat Scrap 18 photo IMG_4381_zpsa24f76d7.jpg Nat Scrap 19 photo IMG_4382_zps5d3fd28c.jpg Nat Scrap 20 photo IMG_4383_zps6349d63a.jpg Nat Scrap 21 photo IMG_4384_zpsa0771148.jpg Nat Scrap 22 photo IMG_4385_zpsa65e9ab1.jpg Nat Scrap 23 photo IMG_4386_zps2963fa1d.jpg Nat Scrap 24 photo IMG_4387_zps4b5b5769.jpg Nat Scrap 25 photo IMG_4388_zps4b137733.jpg Nat Scrap 26 photo IMG_4389_zps8bdf395c.jpg Nat Scrap 27 photo IMG_4390_zpsb6adf09f.jpg

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