Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Nat Mosaic Project

As The Nat was looking around the house on her first morning in San Jose, she noticed my Van Gogh mosaic trivet and admired it.  This gave me an idea.  I was pretty sure I had another blank trivet, and knew I had enough tiles to make something.

Not sure when and how I thought of the wine glass design, but perhaps because I knew The Nat's Dad was an avid wine-drinker.

After verifying I had all the required supplies, I asked The Nat if she would like to make a mosaic trivet project as a Father's Day gift and got that nod that means an interested "yes".

I didn't get any in-process pictures, which is too bad, because once again I saw a studiousness and attention to detail that is remarkable in such a young one, especially one who is so often surrounded with a cyclonic entropic state.

Here is a glimpse of the pre-grouted project, which I drew onto paper and then freehand onto the trivet, but The Nat picked all the tiles and did the design, layout and gluing, with a little help from me to do some tile cutting where necessary.

Mosaic Heart photo IMG_4319_zps5c61f536.jpg 

 I waited for this next picture all Father's Day. I knew it would arrive, but still, I wanted and needed to see it. This is the ultimate crafty aunt satisfaction.  Not just the awesome mosaic trivet project, but look at those smiles.  They are genuine, and I helped create them.  Happy Father's Day to my little brother who is a great dad!

 Rob Nat Mosaic photo IMG_4417_zpsdf1cc80a.jpg

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