Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Natalie at Carmel

She wanted to go to the beach.  It's hard to explain from someone who is not from around here, that the beach in California is not always pleasant in the summer.  That fog often dominates the landscape and makes it wet and chilly.  That we needed to monitor the weather and find the best day for beach-going.

I know she grew impatient, but she didn't say much.  I was determined to get her there, and it seemed the last full day of their visit would be best.  I was rewarded for my patience.

We started our beaching in Carmel.  While it was still a bit foggy there, it was The Nat's first encounter with the Pacific Ocean, and it was good!

Natalie at Carmel photo AnnaLift-0627-Natalie-Carmel_zps551751bd.jpg

Scrapped as an AnnaLift using ArtPlay Palettes Salty Living and Lush, with Cool Glows added.

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