Thursday, June 6, 2013

Edisto Biking "After the Storm"

Continuing my Edisto wish I had the time to just work straight through on an album or book and just get it done.

But alas with so much going on, especially now that it is summer, it seems there are many days between project progress.

There is a new charity collab at Oscraps called After the Storm.  The owner of Oscraps, Vicki Stegall, lives in Moore Oklahoma, the site of the devastating tornado a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, her and her family were safe and their home spared, but many homes and buildings were destroyed.

For a donation of $15, $25 or $50, with all proceeds going to charity, this huge collab is available.


 Although of a much lighter nature, 'after the storm' does somewhat describe the day after our first full day on Edisto, when the rain storm was over and we got to enjoy a full-sun day. We rented bikes and rode all over the small island, flat, with good bike paths, and no need to even lock up the bikes.

I am trying to remember to do the Edisto pages in landscape format so they will fit better in the book I bought from Shutterfly.
Edisto Biking photo Edisto-Biking_zps724f8d2a.jpg

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