Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crafty Chair Project Progress

At last, some noticeable progress on the crafty chair project!  Back at the end of May, in my Project 365 weekly page, I reported finally making progress on sanding and priming the reclaimed clubhouse chairs.  While far from done, the progress continues.

First there was the sanding, which is oddly satisfying, removing the varnish and dirt to reveal raw wood.

Chair Sanded photo IMG_4065_zpsd04fac63.jpg

Then there is the priming, a fresh coat of painted life.
Chairs Primed and Sanded photo IMG_4067_zps74757278.jpg

 I love the curly arms on these chairs and the details on the from legs.
 Chair Primed photo IMG_4063_zps241a5f1c.jpg 

Then I struggled with the color. I wanted to use the same yellow used for the dining room hutch and the coffee table, and the same antiquing, but somehow the antiquing just didn't look good, so I covered it over with more yellow, then tried distressing with white, didn't like that, so brushed back over it with yellow again. I am still not sure I am completely satisfied, but I am tired of painting these chairs, so I am declaring the color done. I did like it better once the satin varnish was applied and blended things a bit. This is the old backing fabric and a good glimpse of the color.

 Back Before photo IMG_4461_zps3d4522da.jpg 

Next step was to cover the backs, which I did with leftover fabric from the kitchen curtains, glued and tacked in place with upholstery tacks I got from Scrap for about 50 cents. I love this fabric against the yellow color!
 Back Detail photo IMG_4463_zps6432ec3a.jpg 

And both chairs have their backs done now and look very fresh and colorful.
 Backs done photo IMG_4464_zps168b9935.jpg 
Next step is to cover the fronts. The fabric is cut, but the solution not yet engineered.

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