Monday, June 17, 2013

Charleston Part 1

I detoured a bit in my vacation book scrapping to take advantage of the wonderful Oceanic bundle by Jen Maddocks, scrapping all those great pictures of The Nat at the Aquarium by the Bay. Now it is back to the Edisto trip, where it is time to deal with Charleston.

Charleston was a pretty interesting city, full of wonderful architecture.  And although it is a historic city, it's history dates for the most part from the post Civil War period, since much of the South, including Charleston, was destroyed in the war.

The city is full of stately Southern mansions, characterized by narrow street frontage and small doors hiding large and long houses lined with porches.  There were also tons of colums, very stately in appearance.

The white colonnaded building is Hibernian Hall, a Greek revival style built in 1840 and featuring six ionic columns supporting the pediment.  The building in the top center is the Old City Market, built in 1841 to resemble a Greek temple.

Charleston 1 photo Charleston-1_zpsac74ecf2.jpg

There were also a plethora of churches in a small area, including this Pantheon-type Circular Congregational Church with its welcoming graveyard.

The streets of Charleston were constantly being plied by tour guides in horse-drawn carriages.  I liked capturing both a carriage and a Fed Ex truck in front of Hibernian Hall.

Charleston 2 photo Charleston-2_zps1738aec1.jpg 

These pages were scrapped with frames and masks from Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz album pages, with ArtPlay Palettes Lush and Salty Living, plus ArchiTextures adding architectural elements of interest.

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