Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Chairs B&A

The chairs are done!  As a reminder, this was the chairs looked like before, well, this one was already undergoing sanding, but the idea was, varnished wood, pleather seats.

Chair Sanded photo IMG_4065_zpsd04fac63.jpg 

And these are the chairs after, painted a French country cottage yellow, covered in Waverly's Saisons de Primtemps fabric.
 Chair Done photo IMG_4509_zpsac6e7046.jpg

Which is the leftover fabric from the drapes in the family room, which I think I will rename to the red room.  They are gorgeous and I am so proud of this project!
Chairs Done photo IMG_4518_zps85b2a1ad.jpg

Saturday, June 29, 2013

San Francisco So Good

As we walked up the hill from the end of the cable car line at Powell and Post, the pinkness beckoned to The Nat. She was drawn in and spent a considerable time browsing all the little jewelry things, before selecting a pair of starfish earring, reminiscent of our visit to the Aquarium by the Bay. 

This place was pink!  The walls were covered in ruched pink fabric, the tables also covered in pink velvet, decorated with pink flowers.   Being somewhat drawn to shiny baubles myself, I have to admit to enjoying the place myself.  For The Nat, it was perfect!

Natalie at So Good photo Natalie-at-So-Good_zps58d8968a.jpg
Made with Miss Maya by Maya de Groot Designs.

Friday, June 28, 2013

More of the Venetian

Another of the set of brightly colored buildings that comprise the Venetian Hotel in Capitola, scrapped with Jen Maddocks Artisan Papers 6.

Capitola 3 photo Capitola-June-2-OS_zps97fbc351.jpg

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Venetian

I just can't resist this lovely little hotel, a collection of colorful buildings along the sand and creek, each one painted a bright color.  I used to want to go over the hill and spend a month here.  But now I know that sunny days in summer are rare.   It was sunny on this day that we brought The Nat and her mom to see the beaches of California.

Capitola June photo Capitola-June_zpsc3effd81.jpg

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Natalie at Carmel

She wanted to go to the beach.  It's hard to explain from someone who is not from around here, that the beach in California is not always pleasant in the summer.  That fog often dominates the landscape and makes it wet and chilly.  That we needed to monitor the weather and find the best day for beach-going.

I know she grew impatient, but she didn't say much.  I was determined to get her there, and it seemed the last full day of their visit would be best.  I was rewarded for my patience.

We started our beaching in Carmel.  While it was still a bit foggy there, it was The Nat's first encounter with the Pacific Ocean, and it was good!

Natalie at Carmel photo AnnaLift-0627-Natalie-Carmel_zps551751bd.jpg

Scrapped as an AnnaLift using ArtPlay Palettes Salty Living and Lush, with Cool Glows added.

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Chair Progress

I decided to do the top fronts of the chairs the same way as the back, with tacks at the top and bottom, and glue along the aides (plus the whole piece of fabric is tacked with spray adhesive).

I am just thrilled with how they are coming!  I love the red against the dark yellow of the wood.

Chair Front 1 photo IMG_4479_zps47b52f23.jpg

Those 50 cent tacks from Scrap are perfect!
Chair Front 2 photo IMG_4480_zpsffecca23.jpg

The chair bases are going to be a challenge, but they are going to look great!
Chair Front 3 photo IMG_4481_zps5aa30830.jpg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 25

Week 25 hot off the press, in which we went to Angel Island for Father's Day, I discovered I can work on the front porch in the sunshine, the hills are as golden as can be, the goats are actively munching the hillsides, and cocktails include tropical drinks and dreams.

Week 25 photo Week-25_zps0e2b22fd.jpg

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crafty Chair Project Progress

At last, some noticeable progress on the crafty chair project!  Back at the end of May, in my Project 365 weekly page, I reported finally making progress on sanding and priming the reclaimed clubhouse chairs.  While far from done, the progress continues.

First there was the sanding, which is oddly satisfying, removing the varnish and dirt to reveal raw wood.

Chair Sanded photo IMG_4065_zpsd04fac63.jpg

Then there is the priming, a fresh coat of painted life.
Chairs Primed and Sanded photo IMG_4067_zps74757278.jpg

 I love the curly arms on these chairs and the details on the from legs.
 Chair Primed photo IMG_4063_zps241a5f1c.jpg 

Then I struggled with the color. I wanted to use the same yellow used for the dining room hutch and the coffee table, and the same antiquing, but somehow the antiquing just didn't look good, so I covered it over with more yellow, then tried distressing with white, didn't like that, so brushed back over it with yellow again. I am still not sure I am completely satisfied, but I am tired of painting these chairs, so I am declaring the color done. I did like it better once the satin varnish was applied and blended things a bit. This is the old backing fabric and a good glimpse of the color.

 Back Before photo IMG_4461_zps3d4522da.jpg 

Next step was to cover the backs, which I did with leftover fabric from the kitchen curtains, glued and tacked in place with upholstery tacks I got from Scrap for about 50 cents. I love this fabric against the yellow color!
 Back Detail photo IMG_4463_zps6432ec3a.jpg 

And both chairs have their backs done now and look very fresh and colorful.
 Backs done photo IMG_4464_zps168b9935.jpg 
Next step is to cover the fronts. The fabric is cut, but the solution not yet engineered.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charleston & the Civil War

Made a quick page to feature this picture of a sign I took in Charleston, I think on Meeting Street, that says so much.  It is interesting how much Charleston reflects a post-war 'newness', with very few buildings  pre-dating the 1860s.

Charleston 4 photo Charleston-4_zps378db322.jpg

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Charleston Part 2

This next series of Charleston photos feature a lot of iron work and a few photos from Washington Square Park.  I am trying to use the same kits and elements in these pages for continuity.

 photo Charleston-3_zpsf3f08f61.jpg

Monday, June 17, 2013

Charleston Part 1

I detoured a bit in my vacation book scrapping to take advantage of the wonderful Oceanic bundle by Jen Maddocks, scrapping all those great pictures of The Nat at the Aquarium by the Bay. Now it is back to the Edisto trip, where it is time to deal with Charleston.

Charleston was a pretty interesting city, full of wonderful architecture.  And although it is a historic city, it's history dates for the most part from the post Civil War period, since much of the South, including Charleston, was destroyed in the war.

The city is full of stately Southern mansions, characterized by narrow street frontage and small doors hiding large and long houses lined with porches.  There were also tons of colums, very stately in appearance.

The white colonnaded building is Hibernian Hall, a Greek revival style built in 1840 and featuring six ionic columns supporting the pediment.  The building in the top center is the Old City Market, built in 1841 to resemble a Greek temple.

Charleston 1 photo Charleston-1_zpsac74ecf2.jpg

There were also a plethora of churches in a small area, including this Pantheon-type Circular Congregational Church with its welcoming graveyard.

The streets of Charleston were constantly being plied by tour guides in horse-drawn carriages.  I liked capturing both a carriage and a Fed Ex truck in front of Hibernian Hall.

Charleston 2 photo Charleston-2_zps1738aec1.jpg 

These pages were scrapped with frames and masks from Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz album pages, with ArtPlay Palettes Lush and Salty Living, plus ArchiTextures adding architectural elements of interest.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Nat Mosaic Project

As The Nat was looking around the house on her first morning in San Jose, she noticed my Van Gogh mosaic trivet and admired it.  This gave me an idea.  I was pretty sure I had another blank trivet, and knew I had enough tiles to make something.

Not sure when and how I thought of the wine glass design, but perhaps because I knew The Nat's Dad was an avid wine-drinker.

After verifying I had all the required supplies, I asked The Nat if she would like to make a mosaic trivet project as a Father's Day gift and got that nod that means an interested "yes".

I didn't get any in-process pictures, which is too bad, because once again I saw a studiousness and attention to detail that is remarkable in such a young one, especially one who is so often surrounded with a cyclonic entropic state.

Here is a glimpse of the pre-grouted project, which I drew onto paper and then freehand onto the trivet, but The Nat picked all the tiles and did the design, layout and gluing, with a little help from me to do some tile cutting where necessary.

Mosaic Heart photo IMG_4319_zps5c61f536.jpg 

 I waited for this next picture all Father's Day. I knew it would arrive, but still, I wanted and needed to see it. This is the ultimate crafty aunt satisfaction.  Not just the awesome mosaic trivet project, but look at those smiles.  They are genuine, and I helped create them.  Happy Father's Day to my little brother who is a great dad!

 Rob Nat Mosaic photo IMG_4417_zpsdf1cc80a.jpg

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 24

In which we finished up the Nasti visit to California with a perfect day at the beach and a visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and got back to our walks, our golf, my freshly-made granola, and a trip to the Jaguar dealer for Jane's 9th birthday to make sure she keeps running smoothly.

Week 24 photo Week-24-1_zps97d3a26d.jpg

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Nat Scrapbook Project

When preparing for The Nat's visit, I asked if she still liked scrapbooking, and was told "yes".  So I planned a visit to Memories Live On in Cupertino, where I knew we could get some special California-themed items.

Early in the visit, I shared several of the scrapbooks I had done, to show her both traditional and digital style.  Then on Sunday, as we had a little waiting time, we started the project by all downloading the Walgreens app and uploading our pictures from San Francisco, to be printed within an hour.

As an aside, I have to say I was reasonably impressed with the ease and speed of this app.  We were indeed able to pick up our pictures within a few hours, and the quality was good.

When we got home, I pulled out everything I own, which is a lot, and too much!  Paper, glitters, embellishments, glues, page protectors.  Thus began a several-day frenzy of scrapbooking.   I showed The Nat various things about mats, glitters, brads, embossing, stamping, but she took it from there with a creatiuve intensoty that was incredible.

The result was 27 pages of fabulous scraps!  Her organization and design sense was very good, and I have never seen her focus so intently on something.  I am very proud of 12-year-old Nat and her scrapbook, and feel privileged to have been a part of it!

I wish I had gotten better pictures, but at least they give a sense of this accomplishment.

Nat Scrap 1 photo IMG_4363_zpsac8a322e.jpg Nat Scrap 2 photo IMG_4365_zps2b0d3aaa.jpg Nat Scrap 3 photo IMG_4366_zpsd8031494.jpg Nat Scrap 4 photo IMG_4367_zps901a9a35.jpg Nat Scrap 5 photo IMG_4368_zps28fce0d9.jpg Nat Scrap 6 photo IMG_4369_zps6746f4d6.jpg Nat Scrap 7 photo IMG_4370_zpsf3d071de.jpg Nat Scrap 8 photo IMG_4371_zps3a43fc50.jpg Nat Scrap 9 photo IMG_4372_zps28317cfd.jpg Nat Scrap 10 photo IMG_4373_zpsf43ef16b.jpg Nat Scrap 11 photo IMG_4374_zpsa78adc45.jpg Nat Scrap 12 photo IMG_4375_zpsde4def27.jpg Nat Scrap 13 photo IMG_4376_zps960a913e.jpg Nat Scrap 14 photo IMG_4377_zps062e4cb1.jpg Nat Scrap 15 photo IMG_4378_zps393e1f02.jpg Nat Scrap 16 photo IMG_4379_zps9ea3f98f.jpg Nat Scrap 17 photo IMG_4380_zpse53d3c7b.jpg Nat Scrap 18 photo IMG_4381_zpsa24f76d7.jpg Nat Scrap 19 photo IMG_4382_zps5d3fd28c.jpg Nat Scrap 20 photo IMG_4383_zps6349d63a.jpg Nat Scrap 21 photo IMG_4384_zpsa0771148.jpg Nat Scrap 22 photo IMG_4385_zpsa65e9ab1.jpg Nat Scrap 23 photo IMG_4386_zps2963fa1d.jpg Nat Scrap 24 photo IMG_4387_zps4b5b5769.jpg Nat Scrap 25 photo IMG_4388_zps4b137733.jpg Nat Scrap 26 photo IMG_4389_zps8bdf395c.jpg Nat Scrap 27 photo IMG_4390_zpsb6adf09f.jpg