Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 20

Week 20 started off with the best Mothers Day ever.  Well, every Mothers Day is the best mothers day ever, but this one was really special!  I took Caltrain up to San Francisco, where I was met by Ms AC and That Sam I Am.  Only, since it was so crowded with Giants fans, I slipped through the crowd unseen and was out on the street before they saw me.  No problem, we met up, dropped off That Sam I Am (who was at the Giants store buying a present for his mom) and proceeded to:
- see the Girl with the Pearl Earring at the de Young
- see the butterflies at the Conservatory of Flowers
- have a delicious lunch at Park Chow
- walk lots and have fun together

The rest of the week was more urbane but colorful.  That bougainvillaea I bought at the Rockery has exploded in blooms, we put up Betty the Bee, played golf, planned for the street closure, I watched Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece Classic, and we made another trip to San Francisco on Saturday to drop off the luggage for repair, making a stop at Ocean Beach.

 Week 20 photo Week-20-1_zps9fa90a65.jpg

Week 20 left photo Week-20-left_zpsa4fd46c4.jpg

Week 20 right photo Week-20-right_zps1fe6a9a4.jpg

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