Sunday, May 5, 2013

NJ Impressions

Just a collection of sights and activities.  Oops, there is a cherry blossom tree, and a dogwood tree, and some cherry blossom petals fallen to the ground among some very healthy dandelions.  So these are old stories, but then there are a couple of new ones.

The woodpecker on the chimney cap, making a racket which reverberated through the house and down into the basement where I was trying to look for things to clean and straighten up.  We thought it might be something amiss with water pipes, but turned out to just be a bird.

Then there was the accomplishment of getting dad's grave site fixed up, so hopefully by the end of the summer there will be grass growing on the newly leveled ground.  This was such a good story, starting with the best intentions to get bags of dirt and grass seed at the nursery, and ending with the cemetery staff taking care of the whole thing for us.

And the final story...the ice-cream truck.  It's not a Good Humor truck as it was in my youth, yet still there is a daily drive-by of an ice-cream truck, playing a silly song to beckon kids to come and buy their after-dinner dessert.

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