Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Recipe for Success

A Blue Bottle Latte from Haight Street Market last Saturday, the start of one of our 10 miles treks around the city. I made this page for the Joanne Brisbois designer spotlight challenge at Oscraps.

The challenge was to document a recipe.  But I don't really have any favorite recipes.  In fact, most recipes bore me, especially if they are too long.  But a simple espresso plus milk, well, soy actually, is probably my favorite recipe.
I also enjoyed a little conversation with a cute little San Franciscan on the advantages of almond milk over soy.  Last weekend I embarassed myself by asking if Park Chow had soy for a cappuccino.  But after being in the South, where we went for an entire week without any sight of a latte or a coffee shop, it seemed a relevant question.  Oh wait, we did encounter several Starbucks while in Charleston, but it was hot there, so Fappuccino was the more applicable drink.

Coffee Recipe photo Coffee-Recipe_zpsc6578a9a.jpg

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