Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Edisto Sunsets

We experienced at least 3, possibly 4 sunsets, while on the island.  The last night we were there it was a bit cloudy so the show was not as spectacular.  So there must be more than one page to show the Edisto sunsets.

This page I have prepared for my June multi-designer challenge at Oscraps.  The challenge is to use at least 5 designers, the first and last in the O-stash (alphabetically), and 3 or more in between.  The first in my list is Studio 68, since her kits start with '68'.  The last in my list is Vicki Stegall, and in between I used a template from Anna Aspnes, papers and elements from Jen Maddocks, Maya de Groot and Joanne Brisbois.  A beach or summer theme was the common denominator in all of the kits.

Edisto Sunset 2 photo Edisto-Sunset-2_zps7b3739d9.jpg

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