Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Magnolia Plantation

Next up on the vacation scrapping list is Magnolia Plantation, where we stopped for a visit on the way to Charleston from Edisto Island.   We wanted to see at least one plantation while in the south, and Magnolia is highly recommended.  Like many of the plantations in this area, it was destroyed in the Civil War, but the foundations remained and the house was rebuilt and the family has been in residence on this property for over 300 years, a long time in American History years.

It was past the azalea blooming season, which would be spectacular, but still the grounds were very pretty, with lots of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, bridges over dark and brooding ponds, and yes, even an alligator.

We learned that Spanish moss is neither Spanish nor is it moss, but an air plant that looked like the beards on the Spanish conquistadors.

At the entrance to the gardens was this lovely quote from Whittier:
Give fools their gold and knaves their power
Let fortune's bubbles rise and fall,
Who sows a field or trains a flower
or plants a tree, is more than all
Magnolia Plantation Color photo Magnolia-Plantation-Color_zps68231b30.jpg

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