Friday, May 31, 2013


New Instagram double-page templates from Simply Kelly Designs were just the ticket for showcasing the more than a photo a day InstaGrams I produced while on Edisto Island.  I like how the template has a large photo on one of the pages.  I hope it prints OK, as the resolution of InstaGram photos is not as high.

I combined a bunch of beachy kits to give this very colorful spread.

InstaEdisto photo Edisto-IG_zps5ef5563f.jpg

The first photo on the upper left is one of those pen shells, a huge clam shell that I've never seen before.  It was too delicate to bring one home, but it had the most beautiful iridescence.    The next photo is from under the Edisto Pier at the eastern end of the beach.  The bottom row of sunsets are just so sublime, with the colors punched up by InstaGram filters.
InstaEdisto Right photo Edisto-IG-Right_zps6d867135.jpg

These are the shells that came home with me, as I sorted them out on the porch of the condo.  It was hard to leave any of them behind, so beautiful in their colors and textures.  I especially loved the scallop shells, but could not resist the huge conch piece, although it was broken.  The inside of that conch shell was smooth as glass and beautifully colored, and became a present for Ms AC, a perfect little soap or jewelry dish.
InstaEdisto Left photo Edisto-IG-Left_zps5c6473b4.jpg

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  1. I haven't had any issues with using large Instagram photos on my layouts. My phone saves my Instagram at a much higher resolution that the minimum for Instagram. I am not sure if I changed a setting somewhere or if Instagram just tries to save it as large as your device will allow. Love the layout! The pen shell looks amazing. I have never seen one like that IRL.