Monday, May 27, 2013

Edisto Pages Continued

As I was sorting pages for printing this weekend, I decided to definitely do a book for Edisto Island and the surroundings.  It was a great vacation full of great photos, and while it may not have been as grand as some of the stops of our grand tours of Europe, it was certainly just as fun, relaxing and picturesque, and most of all, worthy of capturing as a memory and a milestone.  And it just so happens I just bought another Shutterfly book from Living Social.

I already have two pages of  our first day, two pages of sunsets and two pages of Magnolia Plantation, so I continued chronologically with our first full day at the beach.  Because the book is an 8x11, I am using that format, just modifying the Anna Aspnes templates to fit this size.

Undaunted by the weather, we headed out to the beach, for I am not just a fair-weather beach-goer.  As much as I love the beach on a sunny date, I may perhaps appreciate it even more when stormy weather has whipped up the waves, the sand is blowing, and the beach is mostly deserted, just us and mother nature.  I don’t mind having to wear a sweatshirt and a hood, for I am on the beach.
Sunday, May 5, 2013

I loved the rustic nature of Edisto beach, the dunes, the obvious force of the waves having pushed the sand up over the fences and structures, the grasses, the creatures.  Not a plowed and manicured beach was this island, no, just a natural spot where the sea meets the land, and people built beach houses to enjoy it all.
Beach Day 1a photo Beach-Day-1a_zps3855481b.jpg

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