Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dutch Treasures

In the flurry of getting ready for vacation, I forgot to post this layout I did with My Blue Holland by Maya de Groot Designs. I have such a soft spot in my heart for all things Dutch, like this collection of Delft treasures collected over the years, including my newest tulip vase snagged for a couple of dollars at the Savers thrift store.

  My Dutch Treasures photo My-Ducth-Treasures_zps2de9d966.jpg

But it is rather timely in that twice this month, I discovered another Dutch treasure, affectionately known as "the girl".

Girl with the Pearl photo IMG_3876_zps5f07c951.jpg
She is just so beautiful, this "Girl with the Pearl Earring" by Vermeer,  the painting wonderfully restored, the colors bright and fabulously complementary, the expression so enticing. Of course there are no photos allowed, so these images are from the huge signage outside the De Young museum. 
I had to go not once but twice to see this masterpiece.  And if I get another chance before June 2, I will go yet again.  In fact it was the girl that influenced me to finally join the De Young and Legion of Honor, these wonderful museums that bring incredible treasures to the Bay Area.
Me & the Girl photo P5180035_zps66bcf742.jpg

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