Thursday, May 2, 2013

Branch Brook Park

When I was little, it was a special treat to go to Branch Brook Park, especially during cherry blossom season. I am not sure why we didn't go more often, since it was so close to our house, I guess we just didn't have the time or take the time.

My grandma used to go over to the park and pick dandelions, which she would cook or put into the salad. I thought them horrible and would not touch them. I still sorta feel the same way, although I would be willing to try them in a salad.

On our visit this week, the cherry blossoms were considered in their peak, although some trees were already past their blooming.  They were beautiful!  And the weather was fabulous, making for a great and fun visit.

Cherry Blossom Fun photo Cherry-Blossom-Fun_zpsa49fa470.jpg

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