Friday, April 5, 2013

There is a Typo in Typography

It happens in nearly every book I put together, the dreaded typos, like "Tuplips" in Amsterdam.  And yes, I do mistype my name.  I've started leaving it that way, it keeps people guessing.

I do use the spell checker, but sometimes it misses a correctly spelled word in the wrong context, or since there are so many words it doesn't know, I end up hitting ignore.  And sometimes I just forget to run it.  And so this has become my imperfection, the subject of the April Theme challenge at Oscraps.

This page was a lot of work to put together, gathering so many alphas (from Jen Maddocks, Maya de Groot, Anna Aspnes, Danielle Young), one letter at a time, and it is rare for me to not use any photos on a page, but I am very happy with the end result.  I find the title incredibly clever, and yes I did think that up all by myself, love the stacked papers, the typewriter image (from Jen Maddocks Designs Parchment), and the various text and edge blendings.

Typo April Theme photo Typo-April-Theme_zpsb39e8db3.jpg 
Full list of credits may be found here.

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