Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sandpiper

Day 1 of our golf outing was at a nice course, but it was dry and fairway-less, which of course makes me angry.

Day 2 was at the Sandpiper Golf Club on the coast in Santa Barbara.  It started out foggy and cold.

Sandpiper 1 photo P4220183_zps587824aa.jpg

But then it cleared!  And it was beautiful! Sandpiper 2 photo P4220191_zps0f6de042.jpg

Sandpiper 3 photo P4220188_zpscb7fc38d.jpg

Sandpiper 4 photo P4220187_zps9a6da8a2.jpg

Sandpiper 5 photo P4220186_zpsa9c33cb4.jpg

Sandpiper 6 photo P4220185_zps130d11b9.jpg

Sandpiper 7 photo P4220184_zpsee7e3ae3.jpg Bad golf is so much more enjoyable when there is a distracting view!

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