Saturday, April 20, 2013

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

It was an even earlier trip, probably 1990, with a 2-year old Ms AC. I am not sure where we went before or after, probably to Disneyland, but I know we spent several days in Santa Barbara, in this great hotel property at the south end of town, where the train passed right through the property. The hotel is no longer open.
One day I packed us up for a trip to the botanic gardens, which involved driving up a windy road, which seemed pretty long at the time, getting out the stroller and proceeding to our hike through the gardens. Only no sooner did we set foot on the path, than we were met by a welcoming committee consisting of a native California rattle snake. I waited a bit, thinking he would scoot off, but he didn't. So I had no choice but to turn around, fold up the stroller, get back into the car and go back down the hill.
But unlike the unlucky hotel, the Santa Barbara botanic gardens is still alive and well. We spent a delightful morning exploring the grounds of this well laid out and maintained property in the hills, full of native plants and history.
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 1 photo P4200068_zps2e358c2b.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 2 photo P4200087_zpse7e451e7.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 3 photo P4200098_zps052e6407.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 4 photo P4200108_zps23603b81.jpg

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