Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'Nice' & 'Eze'

I am still working on the 2007 trip to France, even though Paris is done and printed, there are still many places and many pictures to scrap.

The French Riviera was a spectacular place.  It would be easy to spend time in Nice, with it's beautiful harbor area, long stretch of sandy beach and promenade, harbor-front hotels, and beautiful old town.  When we were there they were tearing up the streets to put in a tram of some sort, so the downtown was a construction nightmare, but down by the water, it was lovely.

I made this page for the 'Paint Your Story' challenge by Studio 68 at Oscraps.  This was taken on a boat trip, LA PROMENADE CÔTIÈRE.  I was able to find a little map of exactly what this little 'une heure' tour entailed.
It was a beautiful day for a boat trip, the scenery was magnificent, the company precious. 
And that's the story, embellished with lots of brushes and stamps to hopefully give the feel of lightness, airiness, happiness.
Nice 2 photo Nice-2_zps0aa7bff9.jpg
If Nice was beautiful, Eze (pronounced as if rhyming with pez, not easy, but hey, I like a play on words) was spectacular. More of a fantasyland than a place to live, this village perched on the top of a hill was truly a dreamland of blue sky, gorgeous views, old stone and blooming flowers.
A highlight, if one could find a highlight in a place that is all highlights, was the beautiful sculpture garden with its many stone statues of goddesses, each with a name and a message.
I am so glad I captured all of this in a detailed journal, even written en français.
Eze April Lyric photo Eze-April-Lyric_zps73e5dd0d.jpg


  1. Beautiful layouts! I have been to Nice and Eze and think I might have one of the same pics as you from Eze.

    1. Oh gosh that is so exciting! Such a beautiful place@