Monday, April 8, 2013

March Floral Inchies

The April 'Express Your Creativity' challenge by Maya de Groot is to use this inchies template for a page.

 Maya de Groot Inchies Template photo MdGroot_EYCC_Squares600_zps52e14d91.jpg 

 Inchies are exactly what they sound like, 1 inch photos. Ordinarily it would be hard for me to use 1 inch photos, but by combining so many, the overall effect gives me a big picture I like.  I used flower photos that were all taken in March and arranged them in a rainbow effect.  The hyacinth was at Nina's, the white trees on Arezzo, the green was the Toulon hill, yellow includes a forsythia at the garden center, daffodils and tulips from somewhere in the neighborhood, and mustard weed from down the hill.  The orange had to be poppies, and I filled in these squares with orange paper, which gave me some room to write a few words.  The reddish orange are the ranunculas from Arezzo and some fresh new rose leaves, and for the red, some tulips and Ms AC's red birthday roses.

The caption came from finding the 'flowers' and heart signs in one of Maya's kits.  Combined with her stamped alpha, the message is simple...Must Love Flowers.

March Floral Inchies photo March-Floral-Inchies_zps34cd4be7.jpg

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