Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hearst Castle Revisited

I think this was my third visit to Hearst Castle.  I know it was at least the second, for I have pictures of the time we went in 1992.  This was Ms AC and dad by the fountains in front of the castle, both looking rather grumpy.

Hearst Castle 1992 photo Pic025_zps63d66ef5.jpg
Unfortunately, in the hurry to get on the tour, I forgot to bring my pictures so I could do another "Dear Photograph", but clearly here is that same fountain twenty-one years later.
Hearst Castle photo SantaBarbaraApril2013232_zps8edc6fca.jpg
And more views of the house...
Hearst Castle 1 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013233_zpsfaa3553c.jpg

Hearst Castle 2 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013260_zpsd5b00db7.jpg
And the pool...
Hearst Castle 3 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013281_zps63334a8b.jpg

Hearst Castle Pool photo SantaBarbaraApril2013276_zps77a9ad4d.jpg
And the beautiful gardens, which were at their peak.
Hearst Castle 4 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013282_zps04cce6b7.jpg

Hearst Castle 5 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013285_zps97683be7.jpg

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