Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Dear Photograph" at Mission Santa Barbara

I don't seem to have pictures from the 1990 trip, or maybe I need to look harder for them. I do have a couple of pictures from the 1992 trip, of mom, dad and Ms AC in front of the mission.

There is a phenomenon called 'Dear Photograph' in which one takes a picture of a photograph in its original setting.  Well, this is my 'Dear Photograph'.

Dear Photo Santa Barbara photo IMG_3552_zpsc6b453d1.jpg
Dear Photograph, Dad complained a lot on that trip, as he was wont to do, because it was hot, it was too much time in the car, it was especially hot in Santa Barbara where the Santa Ana's were blowing fiercely like standing in front of a hot oven, but Mom told me it was the best trip of their lives.  Twenty one years later, I wish I had tried harder to give him more memories, take him more places, show him more things.  Because I believe he did truly love that trip, was fascinated by the things he saw, and did have a good time.  The night before he died, I dreamt that I was trying to get him to Italy.  He would have loved Italy.  Well Dad, I am traveling for you now.

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