Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crafty Picture Hanging

The Eiffel Tower bathroom needs some pictures on the walls, among other things.  I am always scouring the local Savers thrift store for good picture frames, and almost always can find something for just a few dollars.

Yesterday I bought three frames, and I am working on an arrangement.  I have one print that I bought, another frame filled with Eiffel Tower fabric, and for the third, I decided to create my own print.

This picture of the Grand Palais is quintessentially Parisian.  I decided to go with a sepia to match the color scheme of the room, but I do like the color version as well.

Will be back with the completed arrangement, as soon as the arrangement is completed.

Grand Palais Sepia photo GrandPalais_zps4d157a96.jpg

Grand Palais photo Grand-Palais_zpsf01561e2.jpg

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